Championship Track Meet

Be Green, Love Green and Great Luck in 2022!

  • Our Mighty Bullfrog Nation led the "Parade of Athletes" proudly as they were staged for the march. Coach Orr directed our procession as the Federal Way Elementary Track Championship began.

    All spectators, athletes, coaches and officials paused, removed their caps and stood proudly as the Star Spangled Banner resonated throughout the stadium. The Mighty Bullfrog Momentum began to percolate as the starting whistle approached. 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and Long Jump kids were poised to claim their title as District Champions.

    The 5 Bullfrog coaches readied their final game-plans and stood anxiously as the events would soon begin. And then they were off. Some athletes were ready, some were getting ready and others paused as they searched for their inner-strength. It’s a big deal afterall, when you’re a Bullfrog! You work to be #1. You sweat, you fight, you compete, you smile!

    Bullfrogs find a way to rise to the top! They contemplate, they plan, they look for the opponent’s weakness, bid them good luck and then wave them goodbye! A Bullfrog works hard and enjoys the benefits of tenacity and quietly laughs if someone else thinks they can win. Bullfrongs stand respectfully on the podium and waves to the crowd before anyone else!

    A Bullfrong remembers that winning is not about first place. It’s about being a Total Athlete; one who is a gentleman / woman, a scholar, a fighter and a believer. They are a believer in oneself, a believer in one’s team, a believer who can revel in friendship and run ’till they drop. A Mighty Bullfrog is all that and more.

    The Mighty and Mini Bullfrogs accomplished more in one season than any other Bullfrog team to date. With 15 championship entries and 3 State Title berths, the “Mighties” and “Minis” have earned their bragging rights!