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  • Black College Expo is October 15th! Click HERE for more info and to register to attend!


    Attend a Virtual College Fair this fall! Click HERE for dates and information.




    2022-23 Financial Aid Applications are Open!


    1-You only fill out ONE form. To find out which form you should file, click HERE and answer a few short questions.

    2a-FAFSA Only: How to create FSA ID- To sign the FAFSA electronically, students and parents with SSN create this. If parents don't have SSN then you will print a signature page, sign and mail in. Click HERE for a FSA ID worksheet.

    2022-23 FAFSA and check out this great walkthrough video. Click HERE for a step by step guide to filling out the FAFSA or HERE for a great question by question example.


    2b-2022-23 WAFSA-For a guide on how to complete at WASFA click HERE.


    Need Help with the FAFSA? Try the Live Chat.

    Live Chat with Federal Student Aid- Aid




    The Scholarship Junkies website is ran by UW alums who can help you on college essays and scholarships, click HERE, for more information. It's FREE!


    Sign up on to start checking out what scholarships are available to you here in Washington that you can apply for.




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