Lunchroom Recycling

  • Recycling Icon We have started a lunchroom recycling program at Sherwood Forest!

    Here are some quick facts on the results from this program after just one day:  

    • Before recycling, Demetri used to empty approx. 13 trash cans per day or 416 gallons of garbage.
    • Now, Demetri empties approximately 2 garbage cans full or 70 gallons of garbage.

    In just one day:

    • Sherwood Forest reduced waste by 11 cans or about 350 gallons!!

    In just one week:

    • Sherwood Forest will reduce waste by 55 cans or 1,750 gallons!

    In a year:

    • Sherwood Forest will reduce waste by 2,200 cans or 70,000 gallons!

    The amount of garbage Sherwood Forest will keep out of the landfill through recycling would fill almost 4 school buses in a year, an 85% reduction in garbage!!

    Below are some pictures of our Recycling Team on their first day.