Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

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    Sherwood Forest is a P.B.I.S. School. P.B.I.S. stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. We believe in making expectations at our school clear to everyone, teaching those expectations like we teach other school subjects, and rewarding students for following the expectations. Our core values for our expectations at Sherwood are “safe, respectful, and responsible.” You will see posters all around our school with expectations in areas of the school that describe safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors. Each student was directly taught the school wide expectations on a rotation with their classroom this school year some time between the months of October and January. The rotations included the cafeteria, the gym (assembly expectations), the bathrooms, and hallway expectations. We believe that teaching these specific expectations to students allows them to have a better understanding of expected behaviors at school.

    For many years we have had a Caught You Doing Good coupon program at our school. Students earn Caught You Doing Good coupons for various positive behaviors within our school. Each classroom has a container where teachers collect the yellow copy and the white copy is for the student to keep/take home. On Mondays, we ask for a student who is drawn from each teacher’s coupon collection to bring all the Caught coupons from the classroom from the previous week and they are greeted with a pencil and friendly praise from the principal and counselor. All of the Caughts from the school are then put into our Caught collection container that is at the front of the entrance for the school community to see. Two names are drawn from the Caught container on Thursday morning and given a prize reward from the counselor. In addition, on Friday announcements, all students who receive a Caught coupon from the current week are invited by the principal to stand in their classroom during announcements for recognition from their classmates.

    One of the outcomes of the P.B.I.S. influence on our school has been some changes that our para educators have implemented in the lunch room with the reward system connected to “The Archer Café”. This involves a special reward table (including being first in line and a special treat) for students who have their ticket drawn for positive lunchroom behaviors. This is a prime example of putting the emphasis on the positive for students at our school.

    Last year we implemented two school wide reward goals for all students at two points in the year: filling the Caught container to a line point, and filling the Caught container entirely. We have implemented the same goals this school year. This year, students participated in an all school dress up day March 12th and an end of the day assembly with celebration activities (as a result of their Caught coupons reaching the red line on our collection container). The second goal that we hope our students will achieve is to fill the entire Caught container this school year, just as they were able to do last school year, by June . If we are able to fill the entire container with Caught coupons then our students will earn a special surprise assembly at the end of the day with a special recess time and treat outside.

    This year (2014-2015) our team members on the P.B.I.S. team are: Stephanie Paradee/Carla Burgi (leads), Alisa DeSart, Katie Gilmore, Betty Hansen, Patti- O’Malley, Christine Keene, and Sheri Borden. Our team meets monthly to determine what the current project/goal is for furthering our positive behavior supports and interventions in our school, and attends training from time to time to be informed of best practices with this system.

    Thanks for your support in helping your children practice positive behaviors. The P.B.I.S. Team is excited to continue to further this work of being specific with students expectations, and acknowledging their behaviors in a positive way.