Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Requirements

  • Student athletes must maintain passing grades in all their classes. For athletic eligibility purposes, passing is defined as C – (Approaching) or better.

    If an athlete is ineligible due to grades they may practice with the team but may not suit up or participate in a contest.

    At the beginning of seasons one and three there is an automatic three-week ineligibility period for athletes failing one or more classes the previous semester. At the end of this three week period athletes will have their grades audited. If they are passing all classes they are then eligible until the next six week grade check.

    Grade checks will be completed every six weeks throughout the season. If an athlete has one or more failing grades they will be ineligible until such time as they are passing all classes. Athletes become eligible immediately upon the completion of a grade check sheet showing that they are passing all of their classes and remain eligible until the next six-week grade check.

    On the day of the game or match, students must be in school at least half the day in order to compete.

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