• Star Lake track season has started! YAY!!!

    Practices for track will be after school and will last until 4:15. We do not provide transportation! Parents will need to pick up your student at 4:15. Students should bring a pair of tennis shoes/sneakers to keep in their backpacks for practice. If students are wearing boots or slip on shoes they will not be able to participate that day. This is for safety purposes. We look forward to a fabulous track season!!

Track Practices

  • Practices will be on the following Mondays & Thursdays:


    March 18th    K-5th                                             April 22nd       K-2nd

    March 25th    K-5th                                             April 25th        3rd-5th

    March 28th    3rd-5th                                          April 29th        K-2nd

    April 1st        K-2nd                                     May 2nd      3rd-5th                                       

    April 4th       3rd-5th                                    May 6th       K-2nd                                                                                    

    April 15th     K-2nd                                      May 9th      3rd-5th

    April 18th    3rd-5th                                       


    Any questions? Please contact Mrs. Miller at 253-945-4000 , Ms. Peggins at 253-945-4024 or Mrs. Nelson at 253-945-4035                                  

Track Meets

  •  Meets for track will be:

    April 20th      RON MATTILA CLASSIC

              12:45-3:15   3-5th Grade Please arrive to field at 12:15

              3:30-5:30    K-2nd Grade Please arrive to field at 3:00

      In this practice meet each child will complete one practice run, two Standing Long jumps, and two Turbo Javelin Throws. At this meet the children will be broken up into groups by grade and gender and taken to each event. Please bring water to events

    May 11th: 2:30-4:30    K-2  FINAL MEET (K-2nd grades only) 

    • Please arrive at 2:00 so we can get the kids checked in and warmed up.

    May 11th: 8:30-2:00   Qualifying Meet (3rd-5th grades only) arrive 8:00am

              Your child will participate in the 3 events they chose at practice.

             We will not know if your child qualified for the  June 2nd Championship meet until Thursday May 18th. We will notify the qualifiers at that time.

    June 2nd:    1:00pm - Arrive at 12:30!   Championship Meet Qualifiers Only         

    It is always cold and windy at Federal Way Memorial Stadium so please dress accordingly. The kids cannot wear their coats onto the field so please have them wear an extra shirt under their track shirt.

    There are concessions (coffee, hot cocoa, hotdogs and popcorn) for sale at all meets. Please feel free to bring your own snacks.

    Parents are required to stay at the meet. If you do not stay then your child will not be able to participate in any events. Parents must check their child in and out with their coach in the bleachers!

    Any questions? Please contact Mrs. Miller at 253-945-4000 , Ms. Peggins at 253-945-4024 or Mrs. Nelson at 253-945-4035