• All students must go online and pre-apply online to get a permit.  Except if you have a Washington State ID card, if you have a WA ID card, please e-mail that number to klowe@fwps.org. 

    All students enrolled in a Driver’s Ed class must pre-apply online to get their Driver’s Instruction Permit before class begins.  Email your permit number to klowe@fwps.org.  If you have a Washington ID#, you will still need to email that number.  You will need your permit before your first drive.  


    Permit Instructions

Pre-Apply Online - Department of Licensing Website (DOL)

  • Instruction Permit - Pre-Apply Online Process

    All students must go online and pre-apply to get a permit. (Except if you have a Washington State ID Card, the number on your I.D. card is your Permit # email this number to klowe@fwps.org. Your permit number may change, if it does please be sure to let our office know your new permit number.) To obtain a permit all students must pre-apply online before class begins and email their permit number to klowe@fwps.org. An “on-line waiver” will be entered into the DOL data base so your student can get their driving permit.   All Driver’s Ed Students will need a WA permit before their first drive.   See instructions below. 

    • Create a License eXpress account go to the www.dol.wa.gov/ click the on License eXpress set up your free account.
    • Once you set up your account, the system will issue you a confirmation number of your request. You need to log back into License eXpress to get your permit number it should start with  WDL.

    Email the permit number to klowe@fwps.org, we need your permit number BEFORE YOU GO to the DOL to pick up your permit.   Be sure to include your name and what class/school you will be attending in the email. We will enter your waiver in the Department of Licensing website, you will receive an email from us confirming this has been completed.   After you receive the confirming email from FWPS, you can then go to the DOL to pick up your permit.




Picking Up Your Permit

  • You can only pick up your permit from the DOL 10 days prior to the class starting. 

    You will need to bring the following (proof of identity) when you pick up your permit at the Department of Licensing. 

    • Confirmation ID
    • “Certified” birth certificate or Passport
    •  Social Security Card or SS#
    • Parent/Guardian with Picture ID
    • The cost is $25.00 payable to DOL

    Remember to pick up a Washington Driver's Guide book while you are at the DOL. 

For More Information

  • For more information visit the Department of Licensing Website http://www.dol.wa.gov
    Call the FWPS Traffic Safety Office with any questions #253-945-5731.

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