How will I know if my child is receiving Title I or LAP services?

  • Each elementary school has an intervention team that coordinates the supplemental services provided to students by Title I and LAP staff.  Intervention staff works closely with classroom teachers to identify eligible students and the most effective supplemental service and delivery model.  Together, they create a plan to identify focus areas of instruction for each student.  Parent/guardian input on learning goals is encouraged.

    If your child receives additional academic support, you will be informed during Student Led Conferences, through report cards and other communications means.

    If you have additional questions about your child’s participation in the Title I or LAP program, please contact your school principal, or the Title I/LAP director.

    In addition to academic support, Title I and LAP funds may be devoted to support in the social / emotional domain.  Several schools are implementing school-wide positive behavior programs, in particular, PBIS or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  Click here to see PBIS research home page.