Coaching Vision

  • Federal Way Instructional coaches serve as learning partners with fellow educators to deliver on the promise of high quality education, every moment every day for every student.

    As catalyst of change we commit to the following tenets:

    We believe…

    • Every student has the right to a high quality education that prepares him or her to achieve post high school opportunities by being career and college ready.
    • One principle of high quality instruction is being responsive to the evolving needs of students. HQI meets learners where they are and moves them forward by using research based practices with fidelity, establishing high expectations and ensuring achievement for every student.
    • That analyzing all domains of student data informs instructional decisions to ensure a responsive action plan for students and teacher.
    • Through reflection educators develop a growth mindset that nourishes the coaching partnership.
    • Through our work as coaches we create a safe space where educators can be inspired to explore educational possibilities for all students in a diverse and ever changing world.
    • To support educators, we meet them where they are and build mutually respectful trusting relationships.
    • Every coach collectively and individually commits to growing in their understanding of best practice around coaching, instruction and equity.
    • Our responsibility is to encourage meaningful conversations that uncover and challenge biases around race, class, culture, gender, language, and sexual orientation to ensure equitable outcomes.
    • It is important to provoke and engage in deep conversations about educational policies, practices and behaviors that impact student achievement.