Change Message Delivery Preferences

What if You Find You are Getting Too Many Phone Calls?

  • The new notification system accesses parent and guardian contact information from the student’s records in a different way than the old system.

    If you are getting too many calls, you can control and adjust how you would like to be contacted by editing the message delivery settings.

    That way notifications will reflect your preferences for voice call, email or text, either at a home, work or cell number, depending upon the type of message.

    You can do that in one of two ways: On the Web or through the FWPS App, using your login credentials.

Notifications and Delivery Settings

  • Here's a quick look at what types of notifications families will get in each category, and the default settings for message delivery.

    Emergency Notifications

      • Type of Messages: Urgent notifications about changes in school operations, emergency situations or crisis incidents.
      • Default Setting:  Voice message to every phone number on record for the student's guardians. Families will receive an email message and/or a push notification (via the FWPS mobile app) depending if you've opted in.
      • Edit Message Delivery Settings:  All families must have emergency contact information for voice calls, and may edit other delivery settings.

    Attendance Notifications

      • Type of Messages: Morning safe arrival notification (K-12) and evening daily attendance by period report (secondary schools).
      • Default Setting:  A voice message to the number listed on record as "primary."  
      • Edit Message Delivery Settings:  Parents may edit this setting to a cell phone or a number where the parent is most likely to be contacted, or an email or text message if preferred. At least one method of contact must be indicated for attendance notifications.

    Balance Notifications

      • Type of Messages: Low and negative meal acccount balance notification.
      • Default Setting:  A voice message to the number listed on record as "primary." 
      • Edit Message Delivery Settings: Parents my edit this setting from a voice call to an email or text message.

    Other (Outreach) Notifications

      • Type of Messages: Usually district/school event announcements, updates and reminders, primarily sent by email or text message.
      • Default Setting:  The primary number is the default. 
      • Edit Message Delivery Settings:  Parents may edit this setting to include email, push notification, and any phone.

    Survey Notifications

    These notifications aren't currently in use.

Two Ways to Update Your Info

  • FWPS Mobile App

    The app is a great way to make sure contact information is accurate and up-to-date, because you enter the information yourself.  
    With login credentials, you can log into the app to:
    • Update message delivery settings
    • Add a new phone number
    • Add a new email address

    However, we know that not all families have smart phones or wish to download the app. That's why you can also update your credentials via a website.

    On the Web

    Update delivery preferences and find student-specific information on the Federal Way ParentLink portal. 

    Use your login credentials to edit message delivery preferences, add a new phone number or email address.

Need Assistance?

  • For assistance with the Automated Notification System or support with editing delivery settings or your login credentials, contact your child's school or the Communications Office.

    Communications Office

    Only custodial parents or guardians may request a change, and the student ID number is required for verification.

    If you have other questions about our Automated Notification System or the FWPS Mobile App, please call or email the district’s Communications Office.