Student Voice

Student Voice

  • The strategic planning process must be collectively developed by all members of our greater school community. Student voice is represented by high school students, who provide valuable insight as members of the Core Planning Team.

    Our students reflect on their work thus far:

    "I am honored to have experienced first hand the care and passion every one in the  community has for students. This committee is a testament to the power each and every individual has when they work together towards the goal of success."

    – Sandra Ojeaburu, 12th grade, Thomas Jefferson High School


    “Being a part of this strategic planning team is an amazing opportunity because I can clearly see that FWPS is  moving in a collective direction. Seeing so many people invested in the district, who are accepting change is different to see as a student, but it’s exciting.”

    – Tyler Lum, 12th Grade, Decatur High School


    “Being able to have my voice be heard is an amazing feeling. I love being able to work with other students and adults who all want to make FWPS better.”

    – Victor Sanchez, 11th grade, Thomas Jefferson High School


    “I am rejoiced in the fact that my input and opinions will make a difference for all the kids in the Federal Way School District. Not only am I honored to have been nominated to represent FWHS, but also to raise the underrepresented voice of Hispanic/Latinos, ELL, and Special Ed students which is not usually heard.”

    – Juan Gutierrez, 12th grade, Federal Way High School

    “I love that the people of the district actively seek the opinions, insight and input of the students. It is promising to know that the students are heard in terms of where and how we get to our goal. I am forever humbled and grateful.”
    – Ruhama Berta, 12th grade, Thomas Jefferson High School


    “It is an honor being here with all of these amazing individuals. I see beauty in the way everybody interacts. And I see beauty in how so many different people doing so many different jobs cooperate. I love being here and doing this kind of work, it really helps enhance my leadership skills. Shout out to Mr. Kaczor for providing me with this opportunity.”

    – Abdul-Malik Ford, 12th grade, Todd Beamer High School


    “I am very grateful to be a part of this process and help represent students and those in special ed. This experience has been very moving and the positive energy here is very empowering!”

    – Zoey Woodward, 12th grade, Federal Way Acceleration Academy

Core Planning Team

Student Voice Forum

  • Select students who reflect the diversity in our district, and are representative of all students, including those fluent English as well as English learners, and students from diverse racial/ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds will participate in an upcoming forum. 

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