Automated Notification Q & A

  • I want my calls to go to two (or more) different numbers. How can I make sure they do?

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    The latest upgrade of the automated messaging system pulls primary, secondary and cell numbers for all adults associated with a student.

    It also pulls email addresses. You can easily edit your delivery preferences by logging into the district app and editing your delivery options. Here are step-by-step instructions. 

    In addition, you may request that a daycare provider receive emergency calls, in case of early dismissal due to weather or a lockdown that prevents the child from being released on time.

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  • Why didn’t I get an automated call when other parents at school did?

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    We work hard to keep all contact numbers for parents up-to-date, but we depend on parents to let us know if there’s been a change.

    Log into the FWPS Mobile App and edit your delivery options.  Here are step-by-step instructions. 

    You may also call your child's school office to make certain that the correct phone numbers are on record for you, or the Communications Department. 

    If the number we have listed for you is right, we will then look into whether our records show that calls to your number have been undeliverable.

    This can be caused by electronic device on your line, such as an answering machine or a fax/modem. It can also be caused by the “No Solicitors” message service provided by telephone companies.

    If this is the case, it may be helpful to use a different number, a cell or work number, for example, as the primary contact number.

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  • I received the call on my cell phone but it kept repeating. Why?

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    Sometimes when there is background noise, the system misinterprets a live person for an answering machine. When this happens, it will continue to wait for the answering machine’s beep followed by a brief moment of silence before starting to play the message from the beginning.

    You can prevent the message from repeating by minimizing background noise or pressing mute on the phone.

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  • I received a call but I missed the information. What should I do?

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    While you are still on the call, you can replay the message by pressing star (*) on your phone at any time.

    You can also check your e-mail if you have provided the school an e-mail address, or on the app, if you have downloaded it and followed the district and/or school.

    In addition, a brief version of the message likely was sent to you by text. If it’s an emergency situation, you’ll also find notices on the front page of the district webpage and our Facebook page.

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  • I received the call but my voice mail service/answering machine cut it off. Why?

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    The automated messaging system tries to detect whether a live person or an answering machine has picked up the call.

    Sometimes, such as when a voicemail message contains a period of silence, the system will start to deliver the message prior to the beep.

    In addition, a message may be cut off by an answering machine because its duration is longer than the machine allows for a single message.

    Generally an answering machine will cut off a message after one minute. The district and schools strive to keep messages under one minute in part for this reason.

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Need Assistance?

  • For assistance contact your child's school or the Communications Office.

    Communications Office

    Only custodial parents or guardians may request a change, and the student ID number is required for verification.