Superintendent's Message

A Note From the Superintendent

  • Dr. Tammy Campbell

    Hello Federal Way Public Schools Parents and Guardians,

    This year, we want each of our student-scholars to learn, lead and dream big!

    In Federal Way Public Schools, we are committed to the success of your child and know schools can’t do it alone. Research shows that when parents partner with schools, student achievement increases. That’s why we need your help to ensure your child is achieving at high levels and that school is a safe, productive learning environment. We would like you to partner with us in the following ways:

    • Have conversations with your child about being positive and productive inside and outside of the classroom. You play an important role in establishing and supporting high expectations for behaviors for your children while they are in school.
    • Attend your child’s back to school open house during the week of Sept. 17–21, 2018 to prepare for the upcoming school year, learn about how the school is ensuring a safe learning environment, and much more. Contact your school for the specific date and time.
    • Encourage your child to attend school every day. When our scholars aren’t at school, they miss out on important learning to help them be successful at school. A student who misses 10 days or more during a school year is 20 percent less likely to graduate from high school and 25 percent less likely to ever enroll in college.
    • Mark your calendars and attend scholar-led conferences. This year, conferences will be held Nov. 8-9, 2018 and Mar. 21-22, 2019. Scholar-led conferences offer your child an opportunity to have a voice in their learning. Research tells us that students who know their goals and the steps necessary to achieve success are more likely to reach their fullest learning potential.
    • Check ParentVUE on a regular basis so you are informed about your child’s attendance and grades to encourage their academic growth and success in school.

    Together, we can dream big for your child and all children served in Federal Way Public Schools.


    In partnership,

     Dr. Tammy Campbell, Superintendent FWPS


     Tammy Campbell, Ed.D.

  • School Safety Improvements

    Action Steps in the Next 100 Days

    Increase school resources and training for prevention, response and intervention for problematic behavior. We will:

    • Double the number of Behavioral Specialists in FWPS from four to eight. Although each school will have access to Behavioral Specialists, they will be strategically housed in schools with the greatest need.
    • More than double the number of full-time Teacher Mentors with the goal of helping our new teachers master skills in classroom behavioral management and effective discipline implementation.
    • Add two Safety Officers to support security in schools, respond to hazardous situations, and have more eyes, ears, and hearts assigned to student behavior.
    • Continue to strengthen our relationship with our local law enforcement partners including the Federal Way Police Department, and build upon our phase I active shooter training held at each of our schools this past spring with phase II beginning in the fall of 2018.
    • Increase focus and training on our nationally recognized programs like Second Step and Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) that support social emotional learning and teach appropriate learning behaviors.
    • At the start of the 2018–19 school year, each school administrator will work with their school teams to review, reinforce and implement effective site-based discipline plans.

    Increase our commitment to non-classroom time safety and civility. We will:

    • Continue our work in building trusting/caring relation-ships with our students and their families.
    • Review ways to increase monitoring and correction of any misbehavior in common areas like the playground, hallways, lunchroom, etc.
    • Install 300+ security camera upgrades during the summer to increase visibility and safety across the district. This is as a result of the 2017 bond package our voters supported that includes these safety enhancements as well as addressing outdated buildings with multiple entry points.

    Strengthen community engagement and partnerships. We will:

    • Host open forums meetings at every school in the fall of 2018 to outline the district’s and the schools’ specific plans for campus safety and hear from community members on specific areas of concerns and how we can improve.
    • Remind parents and guardians of the role they must play in establishing and supporting high expectations for behaviors for their children when they are in school.