Core Planning Team

  • A Core Planning Team, representative of all Federal Way stakeholders, will lead our Strategic Planning process.

    Over 100 people, including principals, teachers, administrators, support staff, students, parents and community members will develop the vision and direction for enhancing student achievement and success. 

    This team will meet for five day-long sessions during the process. 

Strategic Planning Work Underway

  • The Core Planning Team, consisting of over 100 people, gathered for two days on November 2 and 3, to begin to articulate what our schools can and should be for all children.  The group included district leadership, principals, assistant principals, union leadership, teachers, classified staff, students, parents, and community members.

    Dr. Tammy Campbell welcomed the participants, thanking them for their commitment to students and to the work of the strategic planning initiative. 

    "The focus and impact of our collective efforts as a core planning team has to have a significant positive impact on the learning of our students."

    -Dr. Tammy Campbell, Superintendent

    The Strategic Planning Initiative will develop a plan for alignment for the district by clarifying goals for student achievement, outlining a roadmap for accomplishing goals, and embracing diverse voices of all stakeholders.

     The Core Strategic Planning Team held its third meeting on December 2 at the Federal Way Public Schools Educational Service Center. Over 100 committee members focused their work on narrowing 16 identified pillars of instructional focus to four that are foundational to teaching and learning. Once finalized, those pillars become a key component of the strategic plan.

    The team also worked to articulate what we want for our students by setting the goals and measures of student success. These goals were aligned with Board End 2, Academic Achievement. Three criteria were used for setting goals for students:

    • Common high standards or uniform expectations for all students
    • Continuous growth for every student and at critical transitions, and
    • Accelerated growth for student subgroups or the schools that are the furthest behind.

    The committee meets twice more this coming spring. 

Dr. Campbell Core Planning Team

Questions about the Strategic Planning Initiative