Clock Hour FAQ

  • Q. What are clock hours?

    A.  Clock hours verify attendance at professional development classes. Each 60 minutes of approved in-service, including reasonable time for breaks, equals one clock hour.

    Q. What is the minimum number of hours before a class will count for clock hours?

    A.  Instructors may arrange to offer clock hours for classes that are three or more hours in length.

    Q.  Why would I apply for clock hours?

    A.   Ten clock hours is equal to one credit of movement on the salary schedule for all certificated staff.  Those holding a continuing or a professional certificate must have evidence of 150 clock hours every five years in order to renew.

    Q.  When and how can I purchase clock hours?

    A. You may purchase clock hours on the last day of a class.  Clock hour forms & payments must be turned in to the Instructor of the class.  This is the only time you will be able to purchase clock hours. No cash is accepted.  A check or money order written to FWPS is accepted.

    Q.  Can I use out-of-state clock hours for salary placement and/or certificate renewal?

    A.  No.  OSPI does not recognize/allow out-of-state clock hours or CEUs (Continuing Education Units).  A list of approved Washington State clock hour providers is posted on OSPI’s website

    Q.  I paid for clock hours I have taken since I came to work in FW.  Why doesn’t Human Resources have them in my file?

    A.  Federal Way Public Schools is a Washington State Board of Education-approved provider of clock hours and can process clock hours taken in our district when you apply for and pay for them.  Human Resources processes them for salary placement.  When the CLC processes the clock hour application and your payment, you will receive the yellow registration form back from the CLC.  The yellow registration form or an official transcript is required for salary movement.  Individuals are responsible for maintenance of their own records.

    Q.  Do Federal Way clock hours need to be approved by my principal?

    A.   Because FWPS only offers courses that meet one of the five criteria on the approval form, Human Resources no longer requires the approval form for FWPS clock hours only.

    OSPI requires all credits and clock hours meet one of the five criteria on the approval form. The five criteria are as follows:

    1. It is consistent with a school-based plan for mastery of student learning goals as referenced in RCW 28A.320.205, the annual school performance report, for the school in which the individual is assigned; or
    2. Is pertinent to the individual’s current assignment or expected assignment for the following school year; or
    3. Is necessary for obtaining an endorsement as prescribed by the State Board of Education; or
    4. Is specifically required for obtaining advanced levels of certification; or
    5. Is included in a college or university degree program that pertains to the individual’s current assignment or potential future assignment as a certificated instructional staff of the school district, where the potential of the future assignment is agreed upon by the school district and the individual

    Q.  I took clock hours from another District or Agency.  Who signs the approval form?

    A.  If you are employed with Federal Way Public Schools and take clock hours through another district or agency (i.e. Auburn, PSESD) your principal in Federal Way would sign the approval form. If you are coming from another school district and have already had these clock hours approved in that district, then you can ask your previous district to send those forms directly to Federal Way Public Schools, Human Resources Department.

    Q.  Do my classes have to pertain to my teaching assignment?

    A.  Yes.  Your clock hour classes must meet one of the five criteria on the approval form.

    Q.  Will WIAA clock hours help me move on the salary schedule?

    A.  If you are a PE teacher, Washington Interscholastic Activities Association clock hours can be used if they directly apply to your teaching assignment.  Again, they must meet one of the five criteria on the approval form.

    Q.  I have a Residency Certificate.  Should I purchase clock hours?

    A.  Clock hours can be used for movement on the salary schedule.

    Q.  Can clock hours from OSPI, Puget Sound ESD, etc. be added to my Federal Way Clock Hour transcript?

    A.  No.  Each agency is its own approved clock hour provider.  Transcripts that an agency provides may only include clock hours offered by them.

    Q.  How do I obtain an official transcript of my Federal Way clock hours?

    A. You may log into your Continuous Learning Center account and click on the “transcript” tab.

    Q.  Where can I access additional information?

    A.  Check the OSPI resource:
    Professional Education and Certification email:
    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction web
    P.O. Box 47200
    Olympia, WA  98504-7200
    Telephone: (360)725-6400