SBE Details for Staff

Standards-based education

  • It's the right thing to do for all students.

    A standards-based education supports teaching and learning with curriculum and methodology that are clear and transparent, as well as aligned and focused. SBE means student progress and achievement is measured against known and established milestones rather than the performance of other students.

    By 2015, it’s likely that all school districts in the state of Washington will be expected to adhere to new Common Core State Standards. The SBE system has paved the way for the transition. Learn more about how FWPS is transforming the way we teach.

Priority Standards

  • Priority standards were identified from state, national, and international standards by core teams which included K – 12 grade teachers, instructional coaches, and principals. The process for identifying priority standards was consistent, comprehensive, and systemic. The criteria used to identify the most essential standards included:

    1. Endurance: Those standards that provide students with knowledge and skills beyond a single test date.
    2. Leverage: Those standards that provide knowledge and skills that will be of value in multiple disciplines (example non-fiction writing).
    3. Readiness: Those standards that provide knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in the next grade or level of instruction.

    An accordion process was used for disseminating and obtaining feedback on priority standards. The standards were sent out for review and feedback. The Core Teams reviewed feedback, refined and made changes as appropriate. This process was conducted twice for each set of priority standards.

    Priority standards contained on this site are subject to slight modifications.

    PreSchool Through Fifth Grade (P – 5)

    Priority Standards for PreSchool through Fifth Grade are broken down by grade and subject.

    Sixth Through Twelfth Grade (6 – 12)

    The Priority Standards for Sixth through Twelfth Grade are broken down by subject.

What Staff Say About SBE

  • harvey "...provides consistent district-wide standards and keeps parents in the loop"
    brooks "...energizes students to work on all aspects of their skillset”
    turner "...provides a clear target, helping us focus on learning more than on grading”
    stephani "...keeps everyone on the same page and addresses each student as an individual”