Why Standards-Based Education?

Why did the district transition to Standards-Based Education?

  • Before SBE was implemented, teachers had to sort through more than 300 accepted standards and decide which ones were most important to teach their classes. This took a tremendous amount of time and lacked consistency from class to class regarding what to teachers needed to teach and what students needed to learn.

    SBE provides a strategy for identifying the most important of the 300 potential standards, and combining them into 15 power standards. Having these power standards in each subject area ensures there is no confusion about what matters most. Everyone knows what is expected in each class and what needs to be done to earn each grade.

    The transition also helped the district prepare for the implementation of Common Core State Standards, which begins in the 2013-2014 school year.

Timeline for adoption of Standards-Based Education

Do other school districts use standards-based education?

  • There are many school districts that use standards-based education components. They include but are not limited to the links below: