Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Academy

IESA Program Description

  • Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Academy


    The IESA program is committed to educating responsible citizens who will contribute in positive ways to the local and world community. The IESA program is about connecting students to their world today, their future, and to future generations. Through projects students grapple with real-world systems, starting in their local communities. They design solutions to issues such as water and energy use, resource conservation, climate change, clean air, sustainable food and product design, all the while seeking to maximize the health of their communities, social equity, and sustainable economy.  Students must encounter the environment in personal ways in order effectively impact change in our world. The overall goal is to ignite a sense of thoughtful and active stewardship in our students.</>


    IESA Specific Program Features

    • Outdoor Education Experience at IslandWood for 3 Days
    • Implementation of sustainability practices in school & community such as a school garden or recycling program
    • nderstanding that nature is our teacher and that we can use natural systems as inspiration for solving real world problems
    • Place-based learning approach
    • Thematic units on sustainability and the environment
    • Call to Action projects designed by students

    Video Resources

    We are looking for a diverse mix of studentswho are passionate about the environment.

    If you have any questions please contact Laurie Sukola, the IESA Program Coordinator, at 253-945-4838 or

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    IESA Program