Special Education

Why is Federal Way Public Schools’ Special Education Department a great place to launch your career?

  • It all comes down to extensive support.

    First year special education teachers don’t have to go it alone! The district provides mentors for teachers who are not only new to teaching, but who are also taking on the role as special education service providers.

    Program Specialists provide technical support to teachers and schools in making decisions on student-related issues, introducing and helping to implement a variety of instructional strategies, and in designing quality IEPs.

    Our special education team is renowned for being accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of our staff, as well as providing support and guidance to our families of special education students. Two Co-Directors (one at the secondary level and one at the elementary level), four program specialists, an elementary behavioral specialist, a transition specialist, and a preschool specialist are always available for consultation.

    All special education teachers are given release time to help meet the requirements of paperwork and meetings, and professional growth is strongly supported.

Professional Development

  • The Special Education Department provides a Fall In-Service day filled with extensive workshops that bring in local and national presenters addressing topics of interest to our teachers.

    We have implemented a series of teacher meetings in which colleagues discuss issues of interest with others working in similar programs.

    We provide an extensive offering of classes for continuing certification, and a variety of training opportunities throughout the year.   The following are examples of these training opportunities:

    • Increasing student academic performance; How to write and implement meaningful Individualized Educational Programs; specific assessment and instructional workshops
    • Working with students with behavior problems, conducting functional behavior assessments and writing behavior intervention plans;
    • Social skills instruction; anger, bullies and conflict;
    • Working with students with ADD/ADHD;
    • SAFE & SECURE Certification;
    • Serving as a district representative.

Psychologist Internships

  • Psychologist masters and doctoral candidates seeking to fulfill the requirements for their degree by getting practical experience are encouraged to contact Federal Way schools. Two paid internships are available each year, and jobs are often available to those who successfully complete their internship. These internships provide a full range of experience, from field supervisor and mentor coordinator, at all grade levels, preschool to high school. We frequently place interns in their area of specific interest and then provide opportunities to branch into other areas.