• Harry S.flag Truman High School resides in the heart of Federal Way and prides itself on continually adapting to serve the educational pursuits of our communities diverse student population.  We are housed in an award winning (recognized as a finalist for the 2003 CEFPI James D. MacConnell Award for Excellence in School Design.) open concept building that delivers “free flowing” exchanges of conversation and learning designed to promote relationships.


    Our delivery format is non-traditional and partners with unique resources developed within our district and learning community to include the Internet Academy (iA), Puget Sound Skills Center (Highline School District), Highline College on the Truman Campus, Running Start through local community colleges, and the EX3 Boys and Girls Club Ron Sandwith Teen Center.

    In all programs on our campus, we have worked diligently to meet the needs of 21st century learning through various levels of access to blended learning and access to countless technology tools to enhance student achievement.  Every student on our campus will be provided with a personalized device (laptop, net book, and desktop computers) to support student growth and bring expanded relevance and application to course work.


    At our core, our goal is to fuel the “spirit of Truman” through meeting each and every student where they are at and designing a personalized plan that will take them well beyond the diploma.  We genuinely believe that brilliance resides in every student that walks through our door and with conviction, we are committed to supporting them in discovering and delivering just that.  We successfully bring life to DREAMS through DESIGNING and DELIVERING student ownership.