Program Options

  • Each program at our school is student centered and owned. The student tailored path is designed to identify and fulfill each student’s ability to create their future. With flexible learning environments that maximize our district and regional partnerships, we successfully eliminate learning “roadblocks” for each and every student. With a “nontraditional” school day, physical work space, and a blended learning opportunities, each students experience engages the possible and sets a course to maximize achievement of academic and life goals. 


  • Each and every student will recognize and act on their ability to change the world through opportunities that foster individual creativity, innovation, and imagination.


  • To empower lifelong learners that invent and create the future through a blended, collaborative learning model highlighted by autonomy, self-direction, and student mastery.

    Guiding components include:
    Student Centered: Powerful learning experiences, flexible pathways, individualized growth model for every student.

    Life ready: Lifelong learning, entrepreneurial spirit, employability, post-high school objectives.

    Competency-based: Student captured evidence of learning delivered through multiple lenses and measures.