All About Wonderful Woodmont

What is Special About Our School?

  • Classrooms are composed of gifted students, students who need special assistance, and students who are striving for excellence in math, music, science, writing, and speaking. It is a challenge to meet the needs of all these students, but Woodmont staff uses a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies so that students can attain academic and teamwork skills that allow them to grow. Students are thoughtfully placed where they have the most opportunity to succeed. Different teaching strategies are used to target varied learning styles and abilities.
    Woodmont practices a comprehensive student discipline plan, which emphasizes consistency and promotes a positive attitude. This program promotes direct communication between the parents and school staff. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Using the Internet helps students develop good research skills. Students use word processing programs to produce reports, graphs, and slide shows plus they use a
    variety of multimedia software to compile information into meaningful