Valhalla's Discipline Policy

Our Beliefs

  • Valhalla staff members are committed to being proactive and preventative when it comes to discipline issues.  Our top priority is the safety and security of all students and staff.

    • The classroom teacher is responsible for managing behavior in the classroom. Each teacher has classroom rules, expectations, and consequences.  In addition, there is a school-wide set of expectations developed to keep Valhalla safe, kind, and productive. Staff will have a yearly review of the discipline policy.
    • Every staff member has the responsibility of helping students meet school-wide expectations.  Appropriate motivating and disciplinary techniques will be used to maintain student behavior.  Only uncooperative, severe, or constant violations will be documented.
    • Students will consistently be encouraged and given support to correct inappropriate behavior.  They will be provided ample opportunities to make positive choices.
    • Consequences will be increasingly restrictive.  Increased parent involvement is the key to improving student behavior.

School-Wide Expectations

  • The Valhalla staff believes all students can behave appropriately before, during and after school. Our expectation is that all students should be provided with a safe learning environment. The following three guiding rules guide our expectations and procedures:

    • Be safe
    • Be kind
    • Be productive

    Parent participation and support is vital to the academic and social success of all students. The following behavior plan encourages student success and increases parent participation in that success. In order for students to learn and grow in the area of behavior the school staff, student, and families must work together in a positive team relationship.

    A school-wide matrix has been created to clarify expectations in every environment of our school, through the lens of our three guiding rules – BE SAFE, BE KIND, BE PRODUCTIVE. This behavior matrix is included in this policy.

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