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    2022-23 Financial Aid Applications are Open!


    1-You only fill out ONE form. To find out which form you should file, click HERE and answer a few short questions.

    2a-FAFSA Only: To sign the FAFSA electronically, students and parents with SSN will each need create an FSA ID. If parents don't have SSN then you will print a signature page, sign and mail in. Click HERE for a video on how to create your FSA ID. Click HERE for an FSA ID worksheet.

    2022-23 FAFSA and check out this great walkthrough video. Click HERE for a step by step guide to filling out the FAFSA or HERE for a great question by question example.


    2b-2022-23 WAFSA-For a guide on how to complete at WASFA click HERE.


    Need Help with the FAFSA? Try the Live Chat.

    Live Chat with Federal Student Aid- Aid




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