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  • Dr. Campbell with scholar

    I am often asked whether we are merely preparing our scholars to be successful on the state “test.” I say, “yes, and so much more.” Tell me this—would you feel good having doctors, lawyers, mechanics, electricians or any other profession provide you a service if they have not been able to pass assessments that measure their skill and knowledge in performing their craft? I think in most cases, your answer would be “no.” You would want a skilled person providing these services for you.

    Education is no different. Washington state learning standards represent the skills and knowledge each of our scholars need to be college and career ready. The state assessment is one critical measure that assesses their ability to perform at a level of proficiency that increases their likelihood of college, career and life success. We want all scholars in Federal Way Public Schools to achieve at the highest level on these assessments so they can compete for jobs with their peers in the region, across the state, and across the nation.

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