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5th Grade Math CCSS

FWPS Fifth Grade Math CCSS Resources

The following resources have been developed and/or gathered to support 5th Grade teachers as they implement the Common Core Math Standards. Just click on the links below to access these documents.

Module              . Title Problem Solving Tasks and Rubrics EngageNY Curriculum Snapshot Assessment                                                                           .
Grade 5 Module 1 Overview Place Value and Decimal Fractions  Grade 5 Module 1
Grade 5 Module 2 Overview Multi-Digit Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Operations  Grade 5 Module 2
Grade 5 Module 3 Overview5th Module 3 PD Recap Addition and Subtraction of Fractions  Grade 5 Module 3
Grade 5 Module 4 Overview Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions  Grade 5 Module 4
Grade 5 Module 5 Overview Addition and Multiplication with Volume and Area  Grade 5 Module 1
 Grade 5 Module 6 Overview Graph Points on the Coordinate Plane to Solve Problems  Grade 5 Module 6

* No longer Priority Standards for 2014-2015 school year

  • Individual standards (highlights denote priority standards) with rubrics and KUDs (Documents that describe what students need to know, understand, and be able to do to meet each standard.)
Math Standard Student Friendly Language PS Rubric KUD
 PS 5.G.2  Rubric 5.G.2  KUD 5.G.2
 PS 5.G.4  Rubric 5.G.4  KUD 5.G.4
 PS 5.MD.3  Rubric 5.MD.3  KUD 5.MD.3
 PS 5.MD.4  Rubric 5.MD.4  KUD 5.MD.4
 PS 5.MD.5  Rubric 5.MD.5  KUD 5.MD.5
 PS 5.NBT.1  Rubric 5.NBT.1  KUD 5.NBT.1
 PS 5.NBT.2  Rubric 5.NBT.2  KUD 5.NBT.2
 PS 5.NBT.3  Rubric 5.NBT.3  KUD 5.NBT.3
 PS 5.NBT.4  Rubric 5.NBT.4  KUD 5.NBT.4
 PS 5.NBT.5  Rubric 5.NBT.5  KUD 5.NBT.5
 PS 5.NBT.6  Rubric 5.NBT.6  KUD 5.NBT.6
 PS 5.NBT.7  Rubric 5.NBT.7  KUD 5.NBT.7
 PS 5.NF.1  Rubric 5.NF.1  KUD 5.NF.1
 PS 5.NF.2  Rubric 5.NF.2  KUD 5.NF.2
 PS 5.NF.3  Rubric 5.NF.3  KUD 5.NF.3
 PS 5.NF.4  Rubric 5.NF.4  KUD 5.NF.4
PS 5.NF.5  Rubric 5.NF.5  KUD 5.NF.5
 PS 5.NF.6  Rubric 5.NF.6  KUD 5.NF.6
 PS 5.NF.7  Rubric 5.NF.7  KUD 5.NF.7
 5.OA.1  Rubric 5.OA.1  KUD 5.OA.1
 5.OA.2  Rubric 5.OA.2  KUD 5.OA.2

Supplemental Resources

2013-2014 FWPS Modules Module 1Whole Number &Decimal Place Value Module 2Multi-Digit & DecimalOperations Module 3Add & SubtractFractions
Module 4Multiply & DivideFractions Module 5Volume and Area Module 6Coordinate GridGraphing


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