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FWPS Schools Earn Washington State Achievement Award

Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) is celebrating the success of five elementary schools within the district that have received the 2016 Washington Achievement Award. Brigadoon Elementary, Star Lake Elementary, and Wildwood Elementary have received the award for Closing the Achievement Gap (Students with Disabilities). Enterprise Elementary received the award for Closing the Achievement Gap (Black Students), and Rainier View Elementary received the award for Special Recognition English Language Acquisition.

These schools’ successes in Closing the Achievement Gap and English Language Acquisition support one of our Strategic Plan core beliefs that EVERY scholar can learn at the highest level and that race, socio-economics, language, cultural background, and other exceptionalities should not be predictors of student achievement.

“The number of our schools receiving this award indicates the collective efforts across buildings for the improvement of teaching and learning,” said Dr. Tammy Campbell, superintendent of FWPS.

The Washington Achievement Award recipients are selected using the Washington State Achievement Index, which measures school performance and improvement, and are based on statewide assessment data for the three previous years. All schools are also required to have at least 95 percent participation on state tests in addition to individual award category requirements.

Schools qualify for the Closing the Achievement Gap award if they have demonstrated closing the achievement gap between the reference group and the subgroup, based on two years of SBA data. Schools must close the gap by at least 10 percentage points, the subgroup performance must not decline over the two years, and the “All Students” group must not decline.

To qualify for Special Recognition English Language Acquisition, schools must be in the top 5 percent highest performing schools based on a combination of ELA proficiency and program transition rates of English Language Learners.

Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal said of the 2016 award recipients, “These schools help Washington lead the way in innovative education and access to high-quality learning opportunities. To all of those honored, thank you for your dedication to Washington students, families, and the future.”

The award-winning schools will be honored during a ceremony on May 3 at Olympic Middle School in Auburn School District.