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Scholar Representation on FWPS Board of Education

In Federal Way Public Schools, incorporating student voice is central to informing the work of serving each of our 23,000 student-scholars. On April 11, the FWPS' Board of Education approved scholar representation on the board. Three students from the Student Advisory to the Superintendent team presented this recommendation and outlined the application and selection process.

Beginning in September 2017, there will be two scholars represented on the board. The application process will be rolled out to grades 7-12 students in middle and high school.

Scholars who currently participate on the Student Advisory to the Superintendent Team designed the process and created the application requirements for scholar representation on the board. The requirements include:

  • Must attend a Federal Way Public School (7th -12th grade)
  • Must have a current semester 3.0 GPA or above
  • Must be a part of the Scholar Advisory Team to the Superintendent (The Student Advisory Team to the Superintendent includes two scholars from every middle and high school meet monthly with the superintendent to provide student voice on key issues related to student learning.)
  • Must provide two recommendations: one from an academic subject teacher and one from a community member/mentor
  • Must be willing to dedicate time every other Tuesday of each month to be present at the school board meeting (5:45-7:45 p.m. or so)

The purpose of students on the board will be to provide valuable input on school district operations, which is an area the superintendent as CEO is held responsible for under the Policy Governance model. Their role will not be to vote or approve Board agenda items, which include policy and budgets.

The students on the board will be interacting monthly with the 30+ scholars on the superintendent’s advisory. These scholars represent all of the secondary schools and issues and topics from this group will be shared with the scholars on the board.

The scholars on the school board who also serve on the Student Advisory to the Superintendent Team will be responsible for obtaining input and providing feedback to the student advisory to ensure the voices of our schools are represented. Scholars will provide critical perspective from those we serve in the area of school district operations from the school level viewpoint.