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  • Dr. Tammy Campbell, Federal Way Public Schools Superintendent

    Tech ready, career ready

    Did you know Washington state ranks 8th in the nation for technology careers? This means our student-scholars must be adept users of technology if they are to be career ready for the job market.

    In the workplace, employees are expected to come equipped with at least basic technology skills. The better their technology skills, the better the job available to them.

    What complicates their preparation is that technology is advancing at a lightning pace. It’s a reality that our students must graduate not only with the most current skills, but also be prepared to adapt to changes in technology they will encounter in their lifetimes. 

    Ten years ago, there were no smartphones. Today, typical cell phone users spend less time talking on the device than they do shopping, paying bills or reading email. The point is, technology has become embedded in every aspect of our lives, and it’s changing by the minute.

    Experts agree, young people will need to be prepared to retool their careers multiple times. They’ll need to operate in a constantly changing environment.

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