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What We Are Doing To Keep Schools, Students and Staff Safe

Safe Schools Tipline
Call 253-945-SAFE tp report school-related safety concerns, anonymously – 24 hrs per day.

The Federal Way Public Schools have emergency and safety plans in place because we believe every student deserves a learning environment that is safe, challenging and exciting.

We have strategies in place to ensure student and staff safety on our campuses:

  1. We have police officers in all of our high schools.
  2. We have campus security officers in all of our middle schools.
  3. We have mobile security officers who service both the elementary schools and provide district-wide support.
  4. Our security officers attend annual training and participate in a continuing education program.
  5. We conduct intruder drills so our staff and students know what to do in the event of an emergency.
  6. Students are taught to identify others in distress and are encouraged to talk with an adult immediately if they have concerns for their own safety or the safety of others.
  7. We are working with community agencies to provide safe and fun activities for students.
  8. We acknowledge that the emotional and physical safety of students and staff is everyone’s responsibility.
  9. In word and deed, we are committed to making our campuses havens of hope and care.
  10. We will continue our efforts to foster a welcoming atmosphere and promote respect on our campus’s and in our neighborhoods.

Talking to Your Child About Violence

In the wake of recent shootings, parents and school personnel are looking for help in talking with their students. Here are a few resources.

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Find resources, support and information about district policies at the district’s Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Prevention page.

Zero-Tolerance Policy 
Federal Way Public Schools enforces a zero-tolerance policy for the possession of weapons on school property. Students who possess firearms on school grounds or at school activities will be expelled for not less than one year. We take all threats of violence very seriously and have demonstrated that they will not be tolerated.

The District has also adopted and provided information about the district’s zero-tolerance stance on “hit lists” and assaults involving threats to kill another person. Threats of this nature will be considered assaults and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Safe & Drug Free Schools
The Federal Way School District is a drug-free school district. It is the policy of the Board of Education to recognize alcohol and other drug use/abuse as a societal problem and that substance abuse and drug dependency is a disease process that may be successfully treated. The district supports abstinence from drugs, alcohol and mind-altering substances for all students in order that their development can reach full intellectual, emotional, social, and physical potential. The district therefore maintains a “zero tolerance” policy.

Partnerships with Police
The District has contracted with the Federal Way Public Safety Department for fully commissioned police “School Resource Officers” (SRO’s) in all five high schools. The District believes that, long term, “on-site” student and staff safety will be best served through a school and community policing partnership with police.

District All Hazard Plan
The “All Hazard Plan” includes training resources, procedures and guidance relating to lockdown procedures, intruder response, bomb threats, and natural disasters. Every school has an Emergency Plan that includes lockdown and intruder procedures and schools are required to schedule and conduct these drills. The District has reasonably prepared and informed staff of what actions should be implemented if such an incident were to occur.

Community-Wide Effort
David Remmem, the District’s Safety and Security Manager, is a member of the Greater Federal Way Emergency Management Operations Committee. Local police, fire, public works, transportation, medical and social service organizations are also represented on this community-based committee. As a participating agency, school district officials have participated in exercise simulations involving critical incident response needs such as natural and man-made emergencies and disasters. District Risk Management and Security staffs have participated in local, regional and Federal Emergency Management Administration training in school/community emergency planning and response operations.

Security Department staff members are available for informational presentations at school or community meetings. Fore more information or to extend an invitation, please call (253) 945-2290 during normal business hours.

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