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Instruction Policies and Procedures

PolicyPolicy No.Adoption Date(s)
Program Development and Resources
Student Learning Goals20001/24/12
Instructional Guidelines20021/24/12
School Improvement Plan20051/24/12
School Leadership Teams2010, 2010P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Instructional Materials2018, 2018P1/24/12, 6/28/11
Curriculum Development2020, 2020P03/13/12, 2/14/12
Library Materials Selection2021, 2021P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Electronic Information System (Networks)2022, 2022P6/12/12
        Staff User Agreement2022.1P6/12/12
        Student User Agreement2022.2P / Español / 한국의 / Pусский6/12/12
        Acceptable Use Guidelines for School Board Members2022.3P11/8/11
Online Learning2024, 2024P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Copyright Compliance – Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials2025, 2025P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Animals as Part of the Instructional Program2029, 2029P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Service Animals in Schools2030, 2030P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Learning Programs and Supports
Educational Opportunities for Military Children2100, 2100P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Title I Parental Involvement2109, 2109P3/13/12, 3/13/12
Transitional Bilingual Instruction (ELL)2110, 2110P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Health/Fitness Education21151/24/12
Substance Abuse Education / Intervention21215/22/12
Sexual Health Education2125, 2125P3/13/12, 3/13/12
AIDS Prevention Education21263/13/12
Integration of Civics and Student Conduct21301/24/12
Diversity and Multicultural Education21331/24/12
Co-Curricular Program2150, 2150P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Interscholastic Activities2151, 2151P7/23/13, 7/23/13
Non-Curricular Related Student Groups2153, 2153P3/13/12, 3/13/12
Special Education and Related Services2161, 2161P2/14/12, 12/10/13
Education of Students with Disabilities under Section 5042162, 2162P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Home or Hospital Instruction2165, 2165P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Use of Restraint and Isolation2164, 2164P12/10/13, 12/10/13
Home-Based Instruction21662/14/12
Career and Technical Education (CTE)21701/24/12
Traffic Safety Education2178, 2178P2/14/12, 11/27/12
Family and Community Partnerships21806/28/11
Academic Rigor throughout the Curriculum218511/22/11
Highly Capable Programs2190, 2190P6/10/14, 6/10/14
Academic Acceleration – Advanced Programs21911/24/12
School Organization
Preschool Programs2212, 2212P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Elementary School Placement2214, 2214P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Childcare Programs22162/14/12
School Calendar/School Day/Teacher’s Day22201/24/12
Summer School22401/24/12
Alternative Learning Experience Programs (IA)22552/14/12
Staff/Community Initiated Schools2257, 2257P1/24/12, 1/24/12
Program Supplements
Distribution of Promotional Materials or Gifts to Students, Staff or Schools23131/24/12
Field Trips2320, 2320P5/22/12, 5/22/12
Controversial Issues/Guest Speakers23313/13/12
Flag Exercises23332/14/12
Religious Activities or Practices2340, 2340P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Requirements and Assessments
Comprehensive Assessment System/Ed Related Research2400, 2400P2/14/12, 2/14/12
Course Challenging24092/12/13
High School Graduation Requirements and Credits for MS2410, 2410P
Forms: 2410.1 2410.2 2410.3 2410.4a 2410.4b 2410.5 2410.6
2/14/12, 10/4/13
Certification of Educational Competence24112/14/12
Diplomas for Veterans24122/14/12
Community Service24147/23/13
Concurrent Enhanced Program Requirements and High School Graduation Requirements241611/22/11
Grading and Reporting2420, 2420P12/10/13, 9/23/13
Student Promotion2421, 2421P9/27/11, 2/14/12
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