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How you can help your child enjoy healthy meals:

  • Review what is available for school breakfasts and lunches and talk with your child about what they will eat
  • Encourage your child to try new foods both at home and at school
  • Join your child at school for breakfast or lunch

STUDENT BREAKFAST:  $1.75 each /or  20 for  $35.00 Milk $.60 each ADULT BREAKFAST:  (with /without Milk) $2.75

Breakfast Menus December 2015:

K-8 Breakfast December 2015 Menu

High School Breakfast December 2015 Menu

Lunch Menus December 2015:

K-5 Lunch December 2015 Menu

6-12 Lunch December 2015

BREAKFAST MENUS November 2015:

K-8 Breakfast Nov 2015 Menu

High School Breakfast Nov 2015 Menu

LUNCH MENUS November 2015:

K-5 Nov 2015 Menu

6-8 Menu Nov 2015

9-12 Menu Nov 2015

 Entree Salads

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