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Contact Information

Main Fax: (253) 941-0442
Purchasing Fax: (253) 945-2055
Business Hours: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm


Building our educational partnerships through excellence in information, training and support.


  • A team based organizational structure providing effective operational support to schools and departments.
  • An environment where community and staff are involved in and support business planning and decision making.
  • Effective resource allocation and best business practices used to promote student achievement and ensure fiscal responsibility.
  • A department committed to building a highly qualified team through collaborative decision making, continuous professional development and recognition.

Guiding Principles

  • Teamwork built upon trust, respect and a commonly held vision.
  • Creating a work environment that values each employee.
  • Practicing effective communication skills in all transactions.
  • Encouraging individual responsibility for excellence and the department’s success.
  • Valuing our customers input to continuously improve our services.

• Business Services: 2014-15 Business Services Org Chart

• Business Services Staff (area code 253-):

Jeri Carlson Executive Director of Business Services 945-2045
Carol Radford Executive Assistant 945-2043
Diane Seeley Director of Purchasing and Risk Management 945-2070
Pam Jacobson Director of Payroll 945-2061
Barb Piguet Accounting Manager 945-2037
Dana Harris Buyer, Fixed Assets 945-2076
David Wilson Business Applications Administrator,  BusinessPlus Support 945-2041
Denise Matt Financial Tech II, J-L, ENT, GGB, LDF, LGV, LKL, SHF, SIL, STR, SUN, TWL, VLH, WIL, WDM, Facility Use 945-2065
Gloria Shank Budget Analyst, Grants 945-2044
Connie Carlisle Payroll Specialist – Retirement, DCP 945-2064
Kelsey Rand Financial Tech II, M-R, MTW, MHL, MIR, NAU, OLV, PNL, RNV, TBHS, DEC, NTR, Copiers NW, Procurement cards 945-2048
Kristen Hudgins Payroll Specialist – Insurance Benefits 945-2060
Laveda Nichols Payroll Specialist – Absences, Workers Comp, Volunteer timesheets 945-2062
Lynette Pearl Payroll Specialist – Timesheets 945-2079
Lynn Shore Buyer 945-2051
Mischellie Oh Financial Tech II, S-V, ILH, KLO, LAK, SAC, SGH, SEQ, PA, TAF, FWHS, SSS, Transportation 945-2046
Anita Rhodes Capital Projects 945-2066
Tanya Nascimento Enrollment Reporting, Boundaries, Running Start 945-2071
Heather Hamashima Daily Cash, ASB, Accounts Receivable 945-2067
Nikee Kramer Financial Tech II, A-I, ADE, BRG, CAM, TTM, TJHS, TRU, Staples, Elementary ASB Bank Reconciliation 945-2047


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