Special Education Programs

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Telephone: (253) 945-2092
Fax number: (253) 945-2177
Special Ed Registration: 253-945-2086
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Special Education Documents

Parent Handbook

The District realizes that a critical element in the foundation of a successful school system is a network of knowledgeable parents who work collaboratively with staff members to ensure successful outcomes for their children.  We hope you will find the information in this Handbook useful in becoming an active partner in this process.

The five sections included in this Handbook are:

Thank you for taking time to familiarize yourself with our District’s programs and services.   We look forward to building a partnership with you that will contribute to your child’s success.

Program Descriptions

Program/Contact Program Description
Preschool & Elementary Special Education
Chuck Nykreim
cnykreim@fwps.org (253) 945-2082
Special Education Programs Preschool though 5th grade (K-8 at Nautilus and Woodmont)
Secondary/Post-Secondary Special Education
Chris Willis
cwillis@fwps.org (253) 945-2084
Special Education Programs grades 6th through 12th grade

Child Find Program
Connie Weishaar
cweishaa@fwps.org (253) 945-2093

Child Find is a free screening to identify children, ages birth through twenty one years, who may be in need of early intervention or special education services. If you have concerns or questions about your child's development, please call.
Children 0 to 3 years of age: 253-874-5445. Children 3 and older: 253-945-2093.

Birth to Three Program
Krista Friar
kfriar@fwps.org (253)-945-4580

This program is discretionary and provided by community agencies in coordination with the district for eligible children who may transition into the district’s preschool program at age three.

Early Intervention Program (Preschool)
Krista Friar
kfriar@fwps.org (253)-945-4580

Provided to special education eligible children, ages 3-5, with the support of special education and related service personnel

Speech and Language Services
Chris Willis
cwillis@fwps.org (253) 945-2084

These specialists evaluate student needs and provide services in the areas of language, articulation, voice and fluency, and communication.

Motor Services
Chris Willis
cwillis@fwps.org (253) 945-2084

These specialists provide services to facilitate the development of fine and gross motor skills enabling students to gain benefit from their educational program

Vision Services
Chris Willis
cwillis@fwps.org (253) 945-2084

This program provides services for students with visual impairments. The vision teacher works directly with students and consults with teachers. A Braillist transcribes all necessary materials for students, and an Orientation and Mobility Specialist works with students in moving about their environment safely.

School Psychology
Chris Willis
cwillis@fwps.org (253) 945-2084

School Psychologists provide support to teachers, support staff, administration, students and parents. They are responsible for facilitating the evaluation of students who may have special needs. They also provide individual and classroom interventions

Assistive Technology Program
Sue Folker
sfolker@fwps.org (253) 945-3263

Kathy Waltman
kwaltman@fwps.org (253) 945-3715

This program ensures that assistive technology is available to students with a disability if it is required as part of an IEP.

Chris Willis
cwillis@fwps.org (253) 945-2084

Day Treatment Program for students grades 6-12 with significant mental health needs

Employment and Transition Program
Rick Priest
rpriest@fwps.org (253) 945-4171

Program for students with developmental disabilities ages 19-21.

Autism Specialist
Jane Murphy
jmurphy@fwps.org (253) 945-4584

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program
Shashana Ayllon

sayllon@fwps.org (253) 941-3016

Program is designed to provide appropriate educational services for deaf and hearing impaired students.