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Standards based Education
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Assessments - District and State

Continuous Learning Center
Formerly Staff Development. You can find a list of all available class and register on- line with this address:

Federal Way Instructional Materials (101K PDF)
Board approved instructional materials (Kindergarten through Grade 12) for the various subject areas are listed

Grade Level Expectations
Access the OSPI Grade Level Standards & Resources Web site. It provides quick access to all content standards with aligned resources to support curriculum development, instructional practices, and assessment of student learning.

Instructional Coaching
In Federal Way Public Schools we believe that every child deserves high quality instruction. We also believe that every teacher deserves high quality professional development. Research indicates that the number one factor in improving student achievement is the quality of the instruction from the classroom teacher. The research also demonstrates that one shot professional development workshops have little impact on increasing a teacher's effectiveness on meeting their students' academic needs. Therefore, our district supports an "in house" professional development model through instructional coaching embedded in the school day. Each of our elementary, middle and high schools has at least one instructional coach to partner with teachers through one on one, small group and whole group professional development in order to improve student learning. Read on to find out more about instructional coaching in Federal Way.

FWPS Instructional Framework [ SBLD Online ]

Secondary Book Lists
A list of books with a synopsis of each has been prepared by our Curriculum Department, with the help of middle and high school literature teachers. The list includes all books that secondary students may be assigned to read.

Professional Growth Support
The teacher-training model aligned with the district's strategic plan and the higher standards and assessments developed by the Washington State Commission on Student Learning.