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Kindergarten Enrollment

Ready for Kindergarten!

Getting off to a strong start in Kindergarten helps a child feel good about school and about himself. Here are some traits and skills that you can help your child develop before he or she gets to Kindergarten:

  • Enjoys being read to and can retell a storyKindergarten students image
  • Speaks in complete sentences
  • Prints first name
  • Counts to five
  • Names and sorts items by color, shape and size
  • Understands concepts such as more, less, same, above, below, big and small
  • Adapts to new groups or situations
  • Can concentrate for five minutes
  • Follows simple directions
  • Shows kindness and concern for others

Kindergarten Facts

  • Kindergarten registration is held each year beginning in late January.  The district’s Kindergarten Jumpstart events, held at each elementary school, are held in May. If you miss the registration period, it’s NOT too late to enroll your child. Just go to your neighborhood school during regular school hours.
  • Children must be five years old by August 31. Proof of immunization and a birth certificate are needed at the time of registration.
  • Parents who wish to enroll their Kindergarten-aged student at a school outside of their neighborhood, but within Federal Way, should fill out a choice enrollment form during the month of April. These forms are available at all elementary schools or at the Educational Service Center, 33330 8th Ave South, Federal Way.   If you have missed the choice enrollment period, check with the school you wish to enroll your child in to see if they have room at their school. Learn more about choice enrollment.
  • All elementary schools offer all-day Kindergarten. Research shows that students who attend kindergarten for a full day consistently make greater academic progress, especially in key areas such as literacy and math. All-day Kindergarten students are better prepared to meet the academic demands of future grade levels, and are less likely to eventually need intervention or future additional assistance.
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