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2016-17 School Year

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    FWPA Clubs

    Art:  Tues, 3:15-5:15, Mrs. Whisenhunt

    Chess:  Mon (beginners) & Fri (advanced), 3:10-4:00, Mr. Klumpenhower

    Community Service: Thurs, 3:15-4:00, Ms. Harvey

    Chess Club: Thurs, 3:05-3:45, Ms. Lasch

    FWPACast:  Tues, 3:15-4:00, Mr. Beard

    Girl Up: Thurs, 3:15-4:15, Mr. Lauer

    Honor Society: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, Mrs. Whisenhunt

    Math Team: Tues, 3:30-5, Mr. Tarling

    Music:  Tues & Thurs, 3:15-5:30, Mrs. Tadena

    Robotics:  Mon & Wed, 3:15-4:15, Mr. Beard

    Venture: Thurs, 3:05-4:00, Mr. Buck

    Walking:  M-F, 7-8am, Ms. Lasch

    Yearbook: Mon & Thurs,  3:15-5:00, Mrs. Camp